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If you‘re:-


  • interested in discussing various aspects of our life and world while simutaneously

  • brushing up on and extending your skills in the english language,


Together we can:-

  • analyse business, books, films, world events, music, sport etc.

  • play word games.

  • refresh some grammar points.

  • investigate various business practices.

  • describe interesting newspaper photographs.

  • closely examine specific business themes.


The possibilities are endless and the lessons can be designed by you and I to meet your individual needs or wishes.


I am a native speaker with over 20 years experience teaching in both the business and private sector.

If you would like to do a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, at no obligation, please email me at the address above. I will then reply to you and arrange a FREE session to be set up on Zoom, Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams.

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